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Well, aren't you looking mighty bored? I mean sure, you must have something to do. There's that new fanfic coming out in the summer you must be looking forward to. What? Don't give me that look. Everyone gives me a look; even Soundwave does, and he doesn't even have a face. So what am I talking about? Well, I'm talking about LOVERS, C to T, of course. What's that? Oh, just my upcoming My Little Pony Fanfic Crossover, of course! But if you hate ponies, go ahead, go away, haters gonna hate, forget me. But to those who love those little cartoon horses, get ready for an epic saga!

Since I was introduced to My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic mainly through fanon, fanfics, and other stuff, I have decided, combined with my own daydreams, to create a saga crossing many fanon ideas and fanfics together to create the Nektannverse, a massive world where the Mane 6 meet new friends and defeat powerful monsters; where they give misfits and outcasts new chances at life and happiness; where they learn of the dark secret hiding at the center of the world; where at the darkest hour, they become the light. The stories in my world are what I like to think of as remakes of fanfics crossing over with one another. Yeah, there's a lot of cross-overs, but that's where the fun begins!

The first story is Lovers, C to T: How to say "I'm In Love" Loud and Clear". It takes place in a post-season 2 Equestria, where sometime after the wedding of Shining Armor and Princess Cadence, Twilight Sparkle is kidnapped by a secretive cult worshiping Nightmare Moon. Using Twilight's blood, the armor worn by Nightmare Moon during her climatic clash with the elements, and a feather from Princess Luna, they attempt to recreate Nightmare Moon. But the attempt failed, and they created Nyx instead. Nyx, a black alicorn filly with dragon eyes and a timid-streak a mile wide, is brought in by Twilight Sparkle, who becomes her adoptive mother, and gives her a loving home. Twilight, Spike, and Rarity disguise Nyx as an ordinary unicorn filly, and enroll her to Cheerilee's school. There, she befriends and joins the Cutie Mark Crusaders and draws the attention of the very same cult who created her. The cult's leader, a former student of Celestia, convinces his former teacher that he can verify if Nyx truly is Nightmare Moon. Celestia, fearing the new Nightmare's may share its predecessor's desire to create eternal night and ravage Equestria, forcibly takes Nyx away from Twilight, who, plagued by the conflict between the logic that Nyx poses a great threat to Equestria and might need to be destroyed, and her new found love for her daughter, does not act until Celestia is well away. But Celestia herself brings the Nightmare's return when she causes Nyx's body to transform into the Queen of Darkness, and her personality to revert to the Nightmare persona. She quickly deposes the Princesses, defeats the elements, raises a giant castle, and imprisons Twilight and the CMC in a dungeon. But despite this transformation, Nyx could not bring herself to be a tyrant, and soon broke her promise of eternal night, raising the sun and abdicating. Soon after, monsters from the Everfree Forest attack Ponyville, and Nyx nearly sacrifices herself to defeat them all. Finally, she frees the princesses. After a lengthy interrogation, the princesses revert Nyx back to a filly, and she now lives with Twilight and Spike as the princesses restore order and peace to Equestria.

WOAH WOAH WOAH! Hey, wait a second Nektann! Didn't you just describe the plot for Past Sins, created by Penstroke?

Yes...and NO. My fanfic is not a Past Sins fanfic, not entirely; it is, however, a fanfic in which events similar to, but not completely like the events in Past Sins, are the back story for Lovers, C to T. There are many subtle, but important, differences between the real Past Sins and the background for Lovers : How to Say "I'm in Love" Loud and Clear. Remember that I mentioned a feather from Luna was used in the creation of Nyx? This is ONE of those differences. My story is actually a remake of not Past Sins, but of a different fanfic- Tears In the Snow, a Romance/Slice-of-Life fanfic by Wintergreen Diaries, where Twilight saves a mysterious pony named Cerulean Snowgleam, a blue unicorn stallion with unparalleled ice-manipulation abilities. She gives shelter to the pony, falls in love with him, and exorcises the curse haunting him for many years. But Tears didn't have Nyx, who might not like that a strange, secretive stallion is stealing her mother's heart and attention from her; and this Cerulean isn't exactly the same guy from the original story, just like this Nyx isn't the same Nyx from Past Sins.
......Okay, it's a cross-over, but Nyx's story is very different than the one in which she debuted; so is Cerulean's.

I will also incorporate elements from many other fanfics and fanon. For example, if, say, Cloud Kicker or Screwball were to appear in the story, they'd probably have a similar personality to their portrayals in The Life and Times of a Winning Pony and School Daze, respectively. Others, like Lyra Heartstrings or Berryshine/Berry Punch, would have several different interpretations mashed together; Berry Punch would simultaneously be an alcoholic and an over-protective mother to Ruby Pinch, while Lyra would be the eccentric and often maniacal human-obsessed mare who actually uses her genuine cheeriness to hide a secretive bitterness at her parents. This shall be a tale of epic proportions. A tale of ponies coming together and sharing the joys of friendship, parenthood, and sadness. A tale of losers finding new homes. A tale of terrible villains killing innocents. A tale of the myriad shades of black, white, and grey. Of a filly finding where she stands in life. A tale called....Lovers, C to T: How to Say "I'm in Love" Loud and Clear.

But why Summer, 2014? Because.....I have to do a lot of research on MLP. Which means actually watching My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic for the first time. So, yeah, it's not gonna be here pretty soon, but it will be here. Eventually. Wait'n see.


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Fan of Transformers, My Little Pony, Godzilla, Pacific Rim, Bionicle, Firefly, Halo, Red vs Blue, slight tg fetish, loves hair metal, enjoys long walks to the comic book store....

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